Space for Wellbeing

When money is not tied to buildings, it is possible to focus on the most important thing – the production of wellbeing.

Ready in 100 days,
lasts 100 years.

Building a dynamic health and social services centre from a steel cell takes 100 days, 
and the building will last 100 years.

Dynamic buildings for specific needs.

We build dynamic buildings that fit the needs of our customers precisely, so there is no need to worry about excess space.

Focus on what you do,
not on what you own.

The funds of a wellbeing services county should be used to provide care, not to own or renovate buildings.

We make space for wellbeing!

Parmaco Health designs and builds dynamic health and social services buildings that are perfectly suited to the customer’s needs. When needs change, buildings also need to change and adapt, which means there is no need to worry about excess space.

Dynamic buildings can be modified according to need in the years to come. We can quickly scale down, up, or even move our buildings somewhere else. 

Style, function and safety for precise needs!

We are a third-generation modular builder. In terms of style, functionality and safety, our adaptable and mobile buildings are more than a match for traditional buildings. 

We build dynamic, high-quality and energy-efficient buildings from FIXCEL® steel cells that are built to last for at least 100 years. FIXCEL technology can be used for up to 8-storey buildings. 

We build wellbeing together.

We bear the risks of the buildings for you, with no surprise costs. With us, you will avoid idle premises and the risks associated with buildings.

For example, you can rent a health centre for five years and only pay for the space that is in use, so you can focus on the essential: creating wellbeing.