Parmaco Health Buildings

We build dynamic and energy-efficient social and healthcare buildings that last from generation to generation. We consider your needs and wishes from the design of the building to its construction.

We build dynamic, environmentally friendly buildings with clean indoor air to meet changing
or permanent needs.

We are a third-generation modular builder. We focus on building health and social services facilities, schools and kindergartens.

We always design our buildings according to the users’ needs. It is important to us that we can find the best possible solutions for your needs.

High-quality facilities for temporary and permanent use

We offer unique construction speed and cost-effectiveness. All of our buildings can be quickly reduced or extended, and it’s also possible to reuse them in other locations.

Ready in 100 days, lasts for 100 years

All our buildings are designed and built with professionalism, without compromising on quality.
We build high-quality and energy-efficient buildings, such as health and social services centres, day-care centres and schools, that have been built to last for over 100 years. Thanks to our rapid construction technology, it is possible to build a new permanent building, thus avoiding temporary premises.

Sustainable buildings

Parmaco Health’s buildings meet the ESG criteria. Energy-efficient, healthy, safe and functional premises for health and social services, kindergarten or school buildings.

Thanks to their adaptability and portability, no space is wasted, which significantly improves energy efficiency – 80% of CO2 emissions are, after all, from heating wasted space!

Recyclable FIXCEL steel cell

Our building solution is based on the FIXCEL ® steel cell, a Finnish innovation. Steel is a durable, clean and fire-resistant building material. The steel modules are resistant to mould, chemical-free and insulate sound well. The modules are recyclable and have a service life of at least 100 years.